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FOF #2245 – Call Me Empress

The Imperial Court System is celebrating its fiftieth year raising funds through charity balls where members hang out in royal attire and bestow upon each other really long colorful royal titles.

Today, we’re joined by Diamond Deveraux, who used to be known as the drag step daughter of Teri Yaki, but like Cinderella, she left her evil stepmom in the dust and just got crowned Empress 12 of the Imperial Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire.

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FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff

If you’re gay and have a beard, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff. One of the most popular gay hookup apps, SCRUFF began as a way for hairy guys to get together, but it’s growing into something much bigger.

Today we chat with Johnny Skandros better known as Johnny Scruff, about how he started Scruff from his mom’s living room with his buddy Eric Silverberg and the challenges the start-up faces in being one of the top social networking apps.

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FOF #1839 – Bytches United To Crush Homophobia

After years of making big money playing secret concerts for the ultra rich all over the world, pop stars are singing a new tune by challenging oppressive regimes, especially when it comes to LGBT rights in Russia. Could we be seeing a Sun-City style boycott of Russia?

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the growing movement to challenge Russia’s hateful laws.

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FOF #1784 – Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi’s Sexy Beards

A new study finds that how long your facial hair is can influence how attractive you are to others and that ten days growth is seen as the hottest. Do you agree?

Today the fabulously bearded Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi join us for a live music session.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Beards for Dummies

Who knew there was so much to know about beards?

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