FOF #1784 – Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi’s Sexy Beards

Apr 26, 2013 · 1985 views

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A new study finds that how long your facial hair is can influence how attractive you are to others and that ten days growth is seen as the hottest. Do you agree?

Today the fabulously bearded Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi join us for a live music session.


  1. Bryce says:

    I really enjoyed the music of Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi but I felt like the episode as a whole was just filler. I think where Feast of Fun really succeeds is when there is a clearly defined theme to the episode and it is explored thoroughly. Basically it was guys with beards are hot – which is kind of obvious – and some other things.

    We get it. You guys are cookoo for Sharon and Alaska puffs but if you’re really going to discuss an episode of the show, it would be nice to be somewhat objective. Calling Jinxx out for playing the victim card annoyed me. They all have played that card. Roxxy did it blatantly, on the main stage. Alaska has often lamented the fact that she hates being in Sharon’s shadow and how it affects her confidence. Jinxx has family issues. It’s these things – whether they are playing the victim card or not – that resonates with the audience and ultimately cultivates fans. These three queens are talented beyond the shadow of a doubt but Jinxx’s reverence and Alaska’s underdog status is ultimately what made me a fan of theirs. It’s okay to call Alaska out for being a quitter on episode #1 or wearing the same wig over and over or wearing that hideous afro … I’m sure she’ll still return your calls.

    In closing, I am posting a video of another podcast I listen to weekly called Afterbuzz TV RuPaul’s Drag Race. They tend to bring some great incite in regards to the show and they have a very different, objective view of Alaska Thunderfuck that I think you guys should see.

    • When Roxxxy said to Jinx the best part of being there was seeing Jinx lip-synch for her life, Jinx didn’t call her out on it, she just sulked and was like “don’t be so mean!” I know it’s hard for some of us to stand up to our bullies, but it’s so clear that Roxxxy is just insecure and threatened by Jinx. I wish Jinx would have read a bitch! THAT’s what we want from a fierce queen.

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