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FOF #2889 – The Mandela Effect: Did Madonna Ever Meet Elvis?

It’s Madonna’s birthday and it’s also the anniversary of the day Elvis Presley died. But does their connection go deeper than that?

Today we take a look at the mysterious photo of a young woman trying to meet Elvis. Is this an example of the Mandela effect: the phenomena where large groups of people can recall something that did not happen or remember it very differently from the way it actually occurred.

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FOF #1784 – Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi’s Sexy Beards

A new study finds that how long your facial hair is can influence how attractive you are to others and that ten days growth is seen as the hottest. Do you agree?

Today the fabulously bearded Stephen Leonard and Manny Capozzi join us for a live music session.

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What Can’t Dolph Lundgren Do?

Dolph Lundgren dances like the Frankenstein monster, growls out an Elvis song, plays the drums, cracks wood and smashes ice in this over the top Swedish TV show. What can’t Dolph do?

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