FOF #2889 – The Mandela Effect: Did Madonna Ever Meet Elvis?

Aug 18, 2020 · 1985 views

Desperately Seeking Elvis: a young woman who may have been Madonna tries hard to get close to the King of Rock and Roll. Photo: Detroit Press Archives.

It’s Madonna’s birthday and it’s also the anniversary of the day Elvis Presley died. But does their connection go deeper than that?

Making the rounds again on the internet is an old archive image of a young woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to the queen of pop, trying to get close to Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll.

The black and white photo taken in 1970 in front of the Olympia Theater is hotly contested as to whether the young woman is or isn’t Madonna. Madame X isn’t speaking about it and perhaps she’s enjoying the mystery of it all and the wild speculation that the photo might be an artifact from a parallel universe.

Today we take a look at the mysterious photo of a young woman trying to meet Elvis. Is this an example of the Mandela effect: the phenomena where large groups of people can recall something that did not happen or remember it very differently from the way it actually occurred.

Madonna at 12 years old.

Young Madonna or a look alike? Only Madam X knows for sure.

Madonna celebrates her birthday in Jamaica. She got so high, she probably thought she was Elvis. Photo: Madonna/Instagram.


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