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FOF #2889 – The Mandela Effect: Did Madonna Ever Meet Elvis?

It’s Madonna’s birthday and it’s also the anniversary of the day Elvis Presley died. But does their connection go deeper than that?

Today we take a look at the mysterious photo of a young woman trying to meet Elvis. Is this an example of the Mandela effect: the phenomena where large groups of people can recall something that did not happen or remember it very differently from the way it actually occurred.

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FOF #1743 – Amazingly Strange Saturday Morning Cartoons

In the 80s, it seemed everything and everyone had a animated cartoon and breakfast cereal. All of a sudden, cartoons were being made as infomercials to promote toys and video games.

Today pop culture fanatic, comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to look at amazingly strange Saturday morning cartoons that affected us deeply, turning us into the sick demented guys we are today.

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