FOF #1785 – Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Apr 29, 2013 · 1985 views

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When The Rocky Horror Picture Show came out in theaters in 1975, it was a flop. Audiences didn’t quite know what to make of the film adaptation of The Rocky Horror Show, a kooky musical that featured Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad transexual scientist from outer space who builds himself a sexy Frankenstein monster named Rocky.

Today Peaches Christ joins us on a behind the scenes tour of one of the greatest films ever made, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


  1. Bryce says:

    I rate this episode of Feast of Fun 5 out of 5. What fun this episode was. I am loving me some Peaches! It is nice to have an intelligent, articulate drag queen. I love when people are not only passionate about something but they are also knowledgeable about it as well and Peaches knows her Rocky Horror. I remember watching the movie with my mom a few years back and it’s now our Halloween tradition. Christmas ain’t complete without Rudolph, Charlie Brown and the Grinch and Halloween is not complete with ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

    I learned a lot. It is so cool that Barry Bostwick, an accomplished actor in his own right, is still down with Rocky. A lot of actors who start small and make it big, generally like to forget about their humble beginnings but I’m so happy to see that he embraces it. Both the movie and the musical were and are so completely groundbreaking and if I had kids, I would definitely live for the day I could sit them down and show them the film.

    Velvet rage … finally it has a name! Sometimes words like ‘queeny’ or ‘bitchy’ or ‘cunty’ just don’t cut it. Is there a medication for this?

    Fausto, Marc and Peaches … you guys are amazing. What a great way to start off my work week! Keep it coming, Loves!

  2. Okay…. I am DYING to meet Peaches Christ. I live in LA and need to get in contact with her to see if she will be having a meet up or show or something. I have been a big fan of hers since She was first on the show. AND we both went to Penn State. I don’t have twitter. And my facebook is deactivated. Do you guys know anything?

    • My advice is to communicate with her via her website, or attend one of her shows in San Francisco and say hi afterwards. Peaches is really warm and nice in person to everyone, and much thinner in person than you’d think.

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Yes, Shock Treatment was a flop but I love the music (not quite as much as RHPS). And I love, love, love Jessica Harper’s voice. But the amazing thing about Shock Treatment is it’s the first movie about reality television before the concept of reality television existed.

    My days of performing in the live show are long over but I do like to watch Rocky Horror occasionally and shout my favorite lines at the TV.

  4. colaboy29 says:

    Oh, and your question about an “extra” sequence at the end of the film is probably come from the extended “Superheroes” portion of the end. At first you could just hear it on the movie soundtrack and then new prints of the film were released for the midnight showings with this bit restored (think this was in the late 80’s when it became available). It is simply Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott in tattered clothes, dirty and disheveled from the house being beamed back to Transylvania singing. And these two verses are actually very depressing, pointing towards the shattered future Brad & Janet will now face.

  5. Chip says:

    Great podcast! Loved hearing yours’ and Peaches’s commentary on TRHS. I had the pleasure of performing in the stage production over Halloween last year in DC and without a doubt, it was my favorite, and most liberating performance I’ve been in in my professional singing career. As Eddie I was clad as a rough looking biker, and as Dr. Scott I had a “dirty little secret”- under the suit and tie and wheel chair, I donned fish nets and a guarder belt. LOVED IT. It was fun to embrace a feminine look as a tall 260lbs ginger cub 😛 As Peaches, Marc, and Fausto touched on, this show truly has helped members of the GLBT community and other folks embrace drag and the “weird”.

    Like Bryce, I rate this episode a 5/5! Good stuff about the movie and the stage show that preceded it! Keep it up!!



  6. Chip says:

    and here’s one of eddie for good measure

  7. As a long time fan of both your show and RHPS, I enjoyed this podcast, talking to Peaches about Rocky Horror and it’s history. I thought I would comment on a few things I have learned or heard over the years about the movie. There were 2 songs that were cut from the film for the American release, “Once In A While,” sung by Brad (Barry Bostwick) and “Super Heroes,” sung by Janet, (Susan Sarandon) and Brad (Barry Bostwick). While “Super Heroes” remained in the UK/European cuts of the movie and can be seen on some DVD’s and online, “Once In A While” never made it to any final cut of the film. You can hear Barry sing it on the cd with the bonus cuts on it. It was cut from the film because they thought it slowed the film far too much, coming after Brad founds out that Janet has slept with Rocky and Frank. Can’t say I don’t disagree. RHPS was also slightly unusual in that it was actually shot in sequence of the action, with the opening of the film shot first and the demise of Frank and brad, Janet and Dr Scott leaving the castle being shot at the end. I also understand that Little Nell was a street Busker, which is where Jim Sharman first ran into her.

    As for SHOCK TREATMENT, it had a bit of a bumpy road. There were several major re-writes over the years. It started off, from what I understand, as a true sequel, with Brad and Janet trying to comes to terms with what happened and Dr Scott bringing Frank N Furter back from the dead. I have often wondered if the song, “Shock Treatment” wasn’t originally meant to be the song that brought Frank to life with “Little Black Dress” the song Frank sings as he reappears to everyone. You would have to ask Richard O’Brien about that. I do know He wrote another screen play after SHOCK TREATMENT called THE RAGING QUEEN. I haven’t read it so I am not sure what it is about. A bit of trivia, the actor, Christopher Malcolm who plays the guard, Vance Parker, in SHOCK TREATMENT, was the actor who portrayed Brad in the original stage show in London. Also, the short, asian Transylvanian with the long black hair was Kimi Wong, Richard O’Brian’s wife at the time.

    I hope I didn’t ramble on too much. I am also posting a photo of myself as Frank when I used to be part of a shadow cast in Dallas in the early 80’s

  8. Here is another photo from the old Dallas says

  9. and one last one:


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