FOF #1956 – Cockocracy

Mar 21, 2014 · 1985 views

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Regardless of whether a guy is gay, straight, he’s probably tugging on his wang in the locker room to make it look bigger to others who are most definitely sneaking a peak.

A new study says that the size of your buddy’s cock may be importantin boosting group morale.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at why having a big cock, but not too big matters to other men.


  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post. I am a 50+ gay man in the Nashville area. I am married (to a woman). She knows I like men – we are still trying to navigate the situation, but we are still married.

    Anyway, I loved the Cockocracy podcast. It reminds me of a story. A few years after I got married, I went to visit the office where my wife worked. There was a man in the office who all of the other men started calling “LD”. They would kind of say it in a kidding sort of way and he would kind of act embarassed a little. Well, after several days of this, one of the women in the office finally asked one of the men “What does ‘LD’ stand for”. His answer: “Long Dong”. LOL. I am not sure how he got the reputation, but one of the other men must have seen his penis.

    Second story: I used to work with a married guy, a couple of kids, kind of homely looking in the face. He was average height, very slender, almost to the point of being too skinny. One day we were at the urinals together. There were no little partitions between the urinals and he was not standing real close. He unzipped his pants and out flopped this huge cock that would have hit the water in the urinal if he had been standing closer. I did not say anything, but I know he saw me looking. Haha. I thought to myself: “Why do all the homely, skinny guys get the big dicks”. But he was obviously a shower not a grower because he was totally flaccid. He did not worry about trying to pull on it first to make it appear longer. Lucky guy.

    Robert in Nashville

  2. Artemisia says:

    Ok so funny huge dick story. So I’m trans and one of thr good things about that is there are lots of really strange happenings that I’ve been exposed to that it gives me a strange sense of humor…

    Two big dicks in particular that stand out was one one trans girl who even though she dosn’t use her dick she is prowed of it… It struck me as funny because most trans hate their junk so it was funny as hel when she gave her dad a fathers day card that read, “Hey dad thanks for the great dick.” And one other time we went out to shoot photographs and when I tried to explain in low light with out a flash to use a tripod, she laughed and says, “Tripod, that was my nick name in high school.”
    I also knew a trans girl who I don’t know it it was big but she was supermodle hot, loved her junk and sounded precisely like David Spade from Tommy Boy. I just found something so punk I loved about an extremely hot girl that sounds and acts like David Spades character because I know guys are hitting on her and getting Joe Dirt lol.

    The other story was my ex who oh my goddess was frelling hung which in her case she did hate her junk. Kinda feels like if your trans a few of the worst combinations is being a trans guy whos original name was Shella or a trans girl who is hung like a porn star.

    Sorry for your loss by the way : (
    Faustro by the way you do come off as kind and cuddley. I don’t know if I’d say Mr Rodgers because for one he was a Navy Seal, why he wore all thouse long sleave sweaters to cover tattoos, so when he says, “Would you be my neighbor?” In my head I just see him with and M16.
    Your more like the cool gay uncle ‘ )

    By the way some old series I liked that I think should have another go.
    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
    It was kind of a silly western with Bruise Camble but I liked it.
    The other one would be Fire Fly. It’s not that old of a show but I really felt Fox canned it before it was aloud to live up to it’s expectation.

    Anyway cheers and love : )

  3. Mac says:

    No one remembers this tv show but me. 🙁

    Disguised as a human being (Jôji “George” Gamô), Spectreman requests his transformation from the Nebula Star, or is ordered by same to do so. Saying “Ryôkai” (了解 – Japanese for “Roger”), or “Ready” in the US version, he raises his right hand towards the Nebula Star, which shoots a beam at him, transforming into Spectreman, a cyborg in a gold-and-copper cuirass, with a full helmet looking somewhat like the Rocketeer’s mask. Before transforming back into a human, however, he simply faints, possibly from using up his energy.

    Spectreman starts out as human-sized, and can increase his size at will.

  4. Another great show, thanks guys!
    I did some research and my favorite store carries the hovercraft. A bit out of my price range but I wonder if it really works? Lifetime guarantee!

  5. Steve2011 says:

    Marc – totally like your Tom Selleck look-alike pic!!

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