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FOFA #1956 – Cockocracy

The author of the study about how cock size influences group morale told us that our podcast was the best breakdown of the subject he had heard.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at why having a big cock, but not too big, matters to other men.

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FOF #1983 – The First Openly Gay College Football Star

In the wake of pro football star Michael Sam coming out, Eric Lueshen, a former kicker for the Nebraska Cornhuskers was encouraged by others to come forward and share his own coming out story.

Even though Eric was openly gay to his friends, family and team-mates in high school, in 2002 he was recruited by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to play as their place kicker.

Listen as Eric Lueshen chats with us about the challenges of being out in sports and he shares his heartfelt message of hope, love and acceptance.

FOF #1956 – Cockocracy

Regardless of whether a guy is gay, straight, he’s probably tugging on his wang in the locker room to make it look bigger to others who are most definitely sneaking a peak.

A new study says that the size of your buddy’s cock may be importantin boosting group morale.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at why having a big cock, but not too big matters to other men.

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FOF #1934 – Do People Care if You’re Gay Anymore?

They say it’s “history in the making”- University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam has come out of the closet, and is likely to be drafted into the National Football League as the first openly gay professional football player.

Joining us today is the incorrigible Brian Sweeney, who really couldn’t give a damn about this, but always has something funny to say anyway. Is Michael Sam’s coming out going to mean anything?

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Hot Speedo-Clad Football Fans Told to Put Their Pants Back On!

Woof! Wouldn’t mind running into these two guys anywhere. Apparently two very hunky Dolphins fans decided to strip down to their undies at the game, when stadium security told them to put their clothes on […]

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FOF #1846 – Rock a Bye Baby

In the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, people were taken over by aliens when they fell asleep, but in real life, the lack of sleep is the real enemy. A new survey reveals a whopping 83% of Americans are not getting a good night’s sleep, and like walking zombies, we are muddling through life.

What’s causing everybody to be so gosh darn sweepy? Today we take a look at ways you can reclaim your rest and be fierce and fabulous without any Michael Jackson endorsed Propofol.

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VIDEO: Chicago Cubs – It Gets Better

The Cubs have made an “It Gets Better” video with all the charm of a wet sock dragged through kitty litter. Does a down and out kid really want to hear from a millionare lesbian […]

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IMAGES: Hunks of the Outgames

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames are halfway over, and everyone’s living it up here in Wellington, competing and partying and taking in shows and exhibitions. Here are some athletes unwinding after a hard day of sport […]

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Queen of the Whole Universe! Who Will Reign Supreme?

FOF’s Middle Earth correspondent with the latest hot news from New Zealand’s cool capital: Presently holding the Guinness World Record for the largest drag queen stage show, the Queen of the Whole Universe beauty pageant […]

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The Stanley Cup and the Cubs Have Pride, Not Prejudice

If you haven’t heard yet, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this year.  A feat they haven’t achieved in quite awhile. As would be expected, Chicago went hockey crazy for a hot minute. Growing […]

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