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I’m Not Gay by J Pee

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Gays Rights Are Great, but Ixnay on the PDAs

Ixnay on Gay PDAs

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What’s Up?

Since I’m not a +member, it’s now been 5 days w/o a podcast.  I’m starting to show withdrawl symptoms.  When are you planning to do a new podcast ????

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What happened with Friday’s 2,000th show??

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Sesame St. vs. Clark St.

I’m finally saying it!  You two have an uncanny resemblance to Bert ‘n’ Ernie; not just your podcast personas: Fausto/silly and Marc/serious, but somewhat similar physically.  I’ve thought it a thousand times, and now I’ve […]

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Inherit the Wind – Spencer Tracey speech

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Wrong Direction’s ”Disclosure”

A parody based on One Direction’s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful”.

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The Most Anti-Gay Piece of Political Mail This Year

This one speaks for itself.

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Stephen Colbert: Issac Caused by Gay Men

Stephen Colbert quipped, “Hurricanes form from rising moisture created by hot steamy man action aboard a gay Caribbean cruise. When that sin gets high enough it makes the angels cry and those tears fall to […]



I’ve been thinking about donating, but I’m so perturbed that you haven’t released the Lady Bunny episode of CWDQ, that I’ve decided to boycott FOF until... » More

On FOF #2228 – Save Cooking with Drag Queens

Come on guys! Say something!! Am I the only person who thinks this?? » More

On Sesame St. vs. Clark St.

Marc – totally like your Tom Selleck look-alike pic!! » More

On FOF #1956 – Cockocracy

OK guys – what’s with the hating on pastry chefs? Your discriminatory generalizations about us were offensive. If one turns you down for your wedding... » More

On FOF #1895 – Ariel Italic’s in Bold

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On Wrong Direction’s ”Disclosure”