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FOF #2791 – Best and Worst Halloween Costume Ideas for 2019

You probably came up with your Halloween costume right after Pride but if you didn’t we’ve got you covered. Today Muffy Fishbasket, our favorite loser from Camp Wannakiki joins us to take a look at some of the best and worst Halloween costume ideas for this year.

Muffy’s been making her own drag costumes for ages and knows quite a bit about what will make your friends scream with delight.

FOF #864 – Gigi’s Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween is the perfect holiday for slobs. All those unraked leaves, cobwebs and dead animals rotting in your front yard almost look normal. Even though you dress like a bum everyone now everybody thinks you’re […]

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FOF #863 – Tip Toeing with Tracy

What are you wearing for Halloween? We’re going as panda bears. On today’s show Tracy Tyler, everybody’s favorite Trannie on the internet, shares her thoughts on dressing up for Halloween and our fabulous What Not […]

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