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FOF #2916 – A Very Lady Bunny Covid Christmas

When winter’s chill sets upon us during the holiday season, it’s a perfect time for Lady Bunny to deliver a flaming hot roast, and this Christmas nobody’s safe, not even Santa!

Today Lady Bunny lets us open our Christmas presents early and play some of her funniest songs from her new holiday special “What Child is This.”

In her new holiday special “What Child is This?”- Lady Bunny examines our not-so-quiet desperation living in the pandemic where Republicans have politicized the act of human kindness of wearing masks.

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FOF #2463 – Gay Sex with Straight Men

For many gay men of my generation, we grew up thinking we weren’t just the only gays in the village, but in the whole world.

If we had any chance of sleeping with a guy, we thought he would have to be straight, not realizing gay guys come in all kinds of flavors.

Today, we take a look at the facts, fantasy and phenomena of gay men having sex with straight identifying men.

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FOF #2277 – PrEP Pioneers

Since the AIDS crisis of the late 80s, condoms have been urged as gospel for gay men to prevent the spread of HIV. But that’s all changing now with PrEP, the use of anti-HIV medication to keep HIV negative people from becoming infected.

Today we’re joined by two pioneers working to raise awareness for Prep: Damon L Jacobs , whose PrEP Facts has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization and Brandyn Gallagher whose group Outshine Northwest is raising awareness for trans men’s health.

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FOF #2269 – A Modern Christmas Carol

Just in time for Christmas- Martin Shkreli, the bro-CEO, who’s the most hated man on the Internet, has been arrested for engaging in what prosecutors say was a Ponzi-like scheme at hedge fund he ran and at a pharmaceutical company he once headed.

Today, on our next to the last show of the year, we’re talking about forgiveness, peace and joy. with the fabulously Vine superstar Meg Grunewald.

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FOF #2220 – Big Pharma’s Biggest Jerk

Folks are fuming mad at Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund millionaire who’s made the news by buying a Daraprim, a vital AIDS and cancer drug,then raising the price a whopping 5000%.

Today we take a look at the Internet’s new public enemy #1 who may ultimately inspire people to demand universal healthcare.

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FOF #1738 – The Bionic Drag Queen

After years of stomping around in heels, Jackie Beat’s pelvis has more fractures in it than her corset. These hips don’t lie- Jackie Beat urgently requires double hip replacement surgery, and she needs your help.

Don’t worry Jackie! We have the technology. We can rebuild her into the world’s first bionic drag queen. Stronger than she was before- funnier, dirtier, crazier.

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FOFA #1184 – You Can Learn a Lot from a Whore

Smart, funny and sassy, Elizabeth Pisani is a superstar in the HIV/AIDS healthcare crisis. As an independent researcher, Elizabeth has interviewed hundreds of sex workers all around the world to figure out how best to fight sexually transmitted diseases.

FOF #1184 – You Can Learn a Lot from a Whore

Elizabeth Pisani has interviewed hundreds of sex workers from all around the world to figure out how best to fight sexually transmitted diseases and what she found out, may surprise you.

Today Elizabeth talks about her fabulous book, “The Wisdom of Whores,” on how sex and drugs relate to AIDS and how your government foolishly spends money trying to deal with crisis.

The 50 Best Protest Signs of 2009

Who says Americans aren’t creative in a pinch? Buzzfeed presents the 50 greatest protest signs of 2009. The one in the thumbnail is my absolute favorite.

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FOF #1037 – Whose Death Panel is it Anyway?

AIDS activist Jim Pickett sheds light to Republican tactics of stalling health care reform.