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FOF #2220 – Big Pharma’s Biggest Jerk

Folks are fuming mad at Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund millionaire who’s made the news by buying a Daraprim, a vital AIDS and cancer drug,then raising the price a whopping 5000%.

Today we take a look at the Internet’s new public enemy #1 who may ultimately inspire people to demand universal healthcare.

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FOF #1948 – Giving Up Your Cherry for Lent

I’m not sure why anyone gives up anything for any religious reason, but if your religious is that precious, why give up the butt for Lent?

Today the hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about how he’s giving up skydiving and using condoms for Lent.

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FOF #1911 – HIV Equal

Fashion and HIV icon Jack Mackenroth has teamed up with photographer Thomas Evans to create HIV Equal- a photography based social media campaign that invites everyone to get tested for HIV during a photo shoot where they pose NOH8 style with the words “Hiv =” on their bodies.

Today the HIV-fabulous Jack Mackenroth joins us to talk about life after Project Runway, gay men in the Olympics and Gay Games and all the fabulous people associated with the new awareness campaign.

FOF #1909 – A Pill That Prevents HIV

It’s been known for the past couple of years, that sexually active people can dramatically reduce their chances of becoming HIV positive if they take the AIDS medication Truvada, as a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP.

Today, psychologist and health care activist Damon L Jacobs joins us to talk about PrEP, why he started taking the medication and why HIV/AIDS is much more than an infectious disease.

A Day with HIV in America

Positively Aware is inviting people across America to snap a digital photograph at any time over the course of September 21. Participants can record a portrait, time with friends and family at work or play, […]

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Improved Condoms To Debut on European Market

A new and improved condom has been approved in the European market. Futura Medical, which makes the new condom says the new prophylactic has a small amount of gel in its tip that dilates the […]

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FOF #1384 – Saturday Night Rapture

The Rapture is a perfect slacker holiday- it means not having to wash the dishes, file your taxes or show up to vote, since you know, the world is going to end. Why bother doing anything at all?

Today our friend and blogger Michael Lehet joins us, to take a look at the Rapture and all the hot, fiery brimestone news.

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VIDEO: This Cat Has Game

Honey badger move over, this cat doesn’t care who he beds.

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Hustler Fined $14,175 for Not Using Condoms in Film

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Video was fined $14,175 for not using condoms to protect performers during the shooting of an adult film. A Sept. 14 inspection of the jobs site and resulting fine stems from a […]

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FOF #1349 – Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor- today we salute the Hollywood legend, friend to man and beast- whose tireless efforts, starting in the mid-80s, to fight against AIDS, gave comfort to the afflicted and brought about change in the public’s perception about the misunderstood disease.

Listen as we take a look at the impact of this remarkable woman’s life.

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