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VIDEO: California Earthquake Warning – Telephone Poles Destroyed Will be

I love one of  the comments on You Tube that says “And that gentlemen is why incest is wrong” I love him so much 1/3 of the way through and his message of doom at […]

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72-Year-Old Grandmother Expecting Baby With Grandson

…Yeah. Chew on that headline for a moment. A 72-year-old granny in Indiana has spent $58,000 from her pension fund to pay for a surrogate to carry a child for her and her 26-year-old grandson. […]

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FOF #1062 – Mack is Back

Writer Byron Flitch joins us to take at the stunning news that 70s actress Mackenie Phillips had an 11 year incestual affair with her father the late musician John Phillips of the Mommas and the Pappas.

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