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VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Swim suit season is fast approaching. Join in on the new sensation! Work on those washboard abs while you do a full load!

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Tired of lifting food to your mouth?

Are you tired of lifting food to your mouth? Don’t worry, there’s a product out there to help get food to your mouth when you’re feeling weaker than normal.

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The Shake Weight – Operators Are Standing By

Hey boys! Tired of those flabby pecs and tiny arms? Well say “goodbye” to the flab and “hello” to the fab with the brand new Shake Weight! “After 30-45 seconds… I was already covered in […]

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Comfort Wipe Parody – P.P. Perfect

Everybody’s seen the insane “wipe your butt with a stick” Comfort Wipe Commercial, we thought we’d take the same approach for your wang. Say hello to P.P.Perfect. Enjoy! Visit the store for P.P. Perfect merchandise. […]

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