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FOF #2124 – Internet Wins

Today is a very good day for net neutrality. It’s a victory for anyone who has something to say and needs to get the word out. Hey! That’s us!

Joining us today is comedian Cody Melcher, to weigh in on what this ruling means for folks on Instagramland, YouTube land, Twitter land and folks all across the lands.

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FOF #2113 – A Cupid Steals Our Hearts

Tommy Holl’s Christmas elf costume was too good to put away for an entire year, so he’s re-purposed the red body suit for a Valentines’ Day Cupid, and lo and behold, he’s getting some serious gigs as a goodwill ambassador for love.

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Tiny Insect Makes Big Noise With Penis

The tiny two millimetres in length water boatman insect plays a song by rubbing his ribbed penis against his belly to attract a mate. The sound produced is so loud that “on average, it reaches […]

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Trans Insects

Females damselflies find the mating process much less of a hassle if they appear masculine to the majority of suitors as most male damselfies will avoid mating with other males, although that happens too.

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VIDEO: Gay Monarch Butterfly Feeding from a Flower

Not exactly the same as the double rainbow guy, but check out us, a bunch of gay men get a little too excited seeing a monarch butterfly feeding on a flower in Saugatuck Michigan. “I love the polka dots!”

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