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FOF #2503 – Spider-Man is Amazing Again

Hey there true believers! Spider-Man is amazing again! Owing a lot to John Hughes’ hilarious teen-angst films of the 80s, Spider-Man Homecoming ditches the dreary origin story because we’ve already Uncle Ben there, done that and gives us what Spiderman is all about, a mythical coming-of-age story of a misfit teen.

Today we’re taking a look at the new film Spider-Man Homecoming with the very funny and insightful Brian Sweeney, whose favorite superhero of all time is Spiderman.

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Adult Film Star Insures His Johnson for $1 Million

The production company that employs British adult film star Keiran Lee took out a million dollar insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London insurance to protect Keiran’s great biggest asset. Lloyd’s is famous for insuring celebrities […]

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VIDEO: You Wanna Cry? Just Watch This Video.

This is a video from Thailand.  This is an academy award worthy …  Health insurance ad.  Seriously, it’s so sad and sweet.

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