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Pride 2009: Hunks & Trannies – Part 3 of 3

On the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, we went with the guys from to Chicago’s Pride Parade to interview the peeps as they got ready for the big celebration. Part 2 of 3. A very hot rugby player named Chris and Candice Jordan, a former Playboy bunny and potential guest for the Real Housewives of Chicago.

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FOF #914 – Inaugural Balls

History was made as Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States, sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution which, at one time, defined blacks as three-fifths of a person. As our country’s […]

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FOF #910 – Slap an O on It

The whole nation has Obama fever, as the Senator from Illinois plans to take the oath on Tuesday January 20 and become our nation’s first black president. Everything from key chains, candies and clothing has […]

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FOF #870 – Shivers Down My Spine

Happy Halloween! What’s scariest thing happening right now? For many, it’s the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Intense national events like the election can push some people who are already on the verge of sanity over […]

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