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FOF #1603- Puppets Gone Wild - 06.14.12

FOF #1603- Puppets Gone Wild

The hilarious Patrick Bristow joins us to talk about playing the gay best friend of Ellen DeGeneres’ character on the 90s sitcom Ellen and also playing Marty Jacobsen, the choreographer in the unintentionally hilarious movie Showgirls.

Now that he’s the host of the hilarious new improv puppet show Stuffed and Unstrung, has the openly gay comedian come full circle?

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Video: Google/Jim Henson Cont.

Video: Google/Jim Henson Cont.

A video for Marc’s post of Google Wishing Jim Henson a Happy Birthday.

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VIDEO: Mahna, Mahna

VIDEO: Mahna, Mahna

Version One, 1969 (Sesame Street): My all time favorite Muppet/Sesame Street performance aired in the first year of the show. Its beautiful nonsensical simplicity was a hit with both adults and children Click to the […]

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FOF #926 - Sesame Street Cred - 02.06.09

FOF #926 – Sesame Street Cred

Sesame Street began in 1969 as a result of a question posed at a dinner party: “Could television be used to teach children, could learning be a form of entertainment?” After forty years, the award […]

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