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FOF #1974 – Young Couple

One of the most amazing plays we’ve seen in a while is Brandon Ogborn’s The TomKat Project, featuring Brianna Baker. It’s a snarky uncovering of the layers of truth behind the gruesome media spectacle of the Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes Scientology arranged marriage.

They are back at it with Young Couple, a new comedy web series about the awkward lives of a young couple in a complicated second marriage. Today Brandon Ogborn, Brianna Baker and their director Mike Malarkey join us to talk about turning their past relationships into a web series.

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FOF #1720 – Like My Photo if You Think I’m Cute

Say Cheese! We all try to put our best face forward with our internet profile photos. But sometimes we scare off others with our strange self-pics.

Today the deliciously awkward Brian Tiberius Sweeney joins us to look at the strange things people do with their online profile photos and the common mistakes we all make when taking a photo of ourselves.

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FOF #1719 – If You Like Piña Coladas

Another Glitter Day has come and gone and with the new year comes new fabulous podcasts. But over the holidays a lot happened while we were on vacation home to Puerto Rico.

Join us today as we take a first hand look at the gay scene in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Grindr en Español and the true meaning of Glitter Day.

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Gibson Hopes His Work in Foster’s Beaver Will Put Him Back on Top!

Jodie Foster isn’t worried what Hollywood thinks about her “Beaver.” Foster told Access Hollywood, “Mel Gibson’s performance is extraordinary…in some ways, it’s a little deeper.” She went on to say her “Beaver” was pushed back […]

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FOF #768 – Far Out Fashion

We have a passion for fashion, especially when it gets a little weird. We found lots of hot fashion for you to enjoy. Say hello to Hello Kitty, the fashion icon created by Sanrio,has been […]

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