FOF #768 – Far Out Fashion

May 28, 2008 · 1985 views

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We have a passion for fashion, especially when it gets a little weird. We found lots of hot fashion for you to enjoy. Say hello to Hello Kitty, the fashion icon created by Sanrio,has been […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    Always love Amanda and the guys. It was such a nice flashback hearing Amanda and Fausto talk about Tom Lehrer. He is fantastic! Glen has a music book of his called “Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer. A few years ago around the holidays we saw and heard Michael Feinstein at Feinstein’s at the Regency in NYC perform “It’s Hanukkah in Santa Monica” Here is a video someone made of that song:

    PS The talk about the subcutaneous device made me feel queasy.

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    I just can not figure out how to post videos here, so here is the link to the Tom Lehrer song, “t鈥檚 Hanukkah in Santa Monica”:

  3. Mark from MN says:

    Guys, One of the famous Tom Lehr’s songs you missed was the Vatican Rag. As usual, the Catholic Church was less-than ammused. It’s beautiful.

  4. Matty says:

    Great show. Love Amannda. I use a telescope to peep on the cows and farm boys in the fields around my house all the time!

  5. Maia says:

    wow, the Tom Lehrer reference took me back to my nerdy high school days!

    Favorite line:
    “Boy scouts, those little bassss…

    -tions of democracy”

  6. RcktMan says:

    I could talk about Electric Company and Sesame Street for HOURS! So hearing you guys talk about it just made me jump for joy. OK maybe not really… but I did love hearing you guys sing “Silent E” and “LY” 馃檪 You guys are so much fun to listen to… but I sure loved watching Amanda and Marc on today’s video! Steamy!!!!!!!! 馃檪

  7. Are you connected on Muppet Central rick? That site is a HUGE repository of info and discussions.

  8. Yippeeeee….. you mentioned my name on the show!!!!! It made my day 馃檪

    I love the interaction between Fausto, Marc and Amanda!!!!! I could listen to you guys for hours. Also, I was impressed by Marc’s spanish speaking voice. Marc would make a great announcer on the “Sabado Gigante” chow (“todos los dias hasta las seis” lol).

  9. Belive it or not, Marc speaks spanish pretty well Mario-

  10. RicoPablo says:

    input your comment here…I love Amanda. When she shouted out, “HEY, YOU VIRGINS…!”, I was on the treadmill at the gym. I started laughing so much I had to stop the machine. She is wonderful, as are Fausto and Marc. I also listened to the next show with the ukelele comedian, but he was SO boring in comparison. I’m sure he’s a nice person, but no more podcasts with him please!

  11. Robert says:

    I am glad Amanda liked the book I sent her. Also loved her business idea of breaking girls hymans with her voice and have a surgeon repair them, lol. Could be a great partnership.

    Marc……anytime you want info on plastic surgury you can always call me.
    I can email you my cell # or you can email me questions. BTW you pronounced Gynecomastia incorrectly, close though. 馃檪
    Also in the business we refer to the nipple area as the ” Nipple Areola Complex ” unless you are speaking of just the very tip.

    You guys are great and three of you together are some of my favorite podcasts.

  12. Dwyn says:

    Well, I’m way late on this (I’m behind on the podcast but I’m catching up now) but I did want to say something about the Harvey Milk thing. I was actually at the event, I was one of the youth that unveiled the statue. It was a pretty cool event

    This site has a video of the event and I’m in it too! At about 0:45, they show the statue and the unveiling team (I’m the person in the red shirt!), which was all youth activists from the community. So check it out:

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