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Headline, Brief and Comment

Headline: Report of body in lake spurs search Brief: Promoted by a report of a drowned person, a difficult search was conducted by police and fire dive teams but no body was found in Lake […]

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FOF #970 – Crime and Punishment

Last time nightlife photographer George St. George was on the show it was all about murder, madness and mayhem. Today we’re taking it easy and breezy, for the most part! George was recently arrested for […]

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FOF #781 – Big Bear Double Date

Ah happy memories. It was such a blast to ride up to Milwaukee with Tracy Tyler to perform at the Pridefest Milwaukee celebration, an event that started out with a torrential downpour and ended with […]

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FOF #768 – Far Out Fashion

We have a passion for fashion, especially when it gets a little weird. We found lots of hot fashion for you to enjoy. Say hello to Hello Kitty, the fashion icon created by Sanrio,has been […]

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FOF #765 – Fighting for Your Diva

Don’t mess with a Mariah Carey fan! They will cut you. A Naples Florida guy and his alleged girlfriend were listening to the music by the star of Glitter when another car pulled up alongside […]

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FOF #764 – Angels, Devils and Aliens

The Vatican has been huffing a little too much of its own incense. They are saying it’s ok to belive in aliens. You go girl! This past week their cheif astronomer, the Rev. Jose Gabriel […]

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FOF #757 – Pre-Cycling

Everybody is going green these days, and I’m not talking about the incredible hulk! Whoo I’d love to be around the ONE time his pants finally ripped off when he transformed. No, were talking about […]

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FOFA #556 – Russian Robocops

Did you hear the one about the egg-shaped Russian robocop? As far as we know, this is a true story. A Russian six-foot tall egg-shaped robot, hailed by the Russian police force as a bold […]

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