FOF #970 – Crime and Punishment

Apr 20, 2009 · 1985 views

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Last time nightlife photographer George St. George was on the show it was all about murder, madness and mayhem. Today we’re taking it easy and breezy, for the most part! George was recently arrested for […]


  1. Xavi says:

    re: fundraising.

    Philanthropy is VERY important to me (unlike Biden). George, if i could make one suggestion. In addition to your electronic requests i encourage you to make personal requests as well. I get bombarded throughout the year via email and facebook for money. I like the email and FB blasts as it exposes me to the different organizations my friends and colleagues are involved in. those who follow up with a personal phone call or email are the ones who get my money.

    it is a very personal thing to ask people for money (I do it all the time for EQCA). the least I can do is personalize the request. As a rule I always say yes when asked personally, even if its only $25.

    Good luck and thanks for the great work you do!


  2. Erik Peterson says:

    I’m sure GSG’s Miss Continental clients would love that he pronounced it “Miss CUNTinental” on FOF. Is someone’s Freudian slip showing?

  3. Xavi- may I please have $25?

  4. Tralfaz says:

    Always good to hear from George St. George. Grey Gardens- I saw the original a couple years ago. Funny, I can imagine if I had seen it when I was twenty. Surrounded by friends and cocktails, we would have laughed at those crazy women. But since I watched it after seeing friends and relatives struggle with mental illness, aging and death, I find Grey Gardens disturbing and sad. I can’t help but feel that Big Edie and Little Edie were exploited by the filmmakers. I don’t think I could watch Drew and Jessica, much less a musical (even if Christine Ebersole was in it). Anywhooo … have a happy day !!! =)

  5. Grey Gardens really struck a chord with me because the mental illness and problems the two Edies suffered from also have happened in my own family.

    I really appreciate the way all the different incarnations of their story has helped us gain a better insight into the pain and suffering of mental illness, both to the individuals and their families. It actually took me a while to understand they suffered from mental illness! The film really made me ill. I think it was their gift to the world to allow their story and their lives to be told, and to allow everyone to come to their own conclusion about their condition.

    I deeply appreciate that it was done, and that their story hopefully will help others in their suffering.

  6. Fausto and I keep asking ourselves “Are you the Big Edie or the Little Edie in this relationship?”

    Tralfaz- I understand what you mean, Grey Gardens does seem like exploitation but you have to remember too that Big and Little Edie were performers and more than likely they relished the opportunity to perform for the cameras and tell their own stories. I know a lot performers and a lot of them are sick too. You might as well never watch any entertainment ever again.

    Look at Victoria Lamarr and her mom in this video, it’s a low rent Grey Gardens and they loved doing it it. Vmarr made it all herself.

  7. Rhea says:

    You would think anyone imitating Janeway would terrify anyone, especially little girls from Britain! Somehow, Fausto makes it work. I’m glad you were able to reunite her with her mother.

    And Marc, you’re not monstrous. You’re beefy and adorable! But you accidentally killed a fancy hen once. Children can sense that– you were right to stay behind. 馃檪

  8. Tralfaz says:

    Ooops…. I wasn’t really criticizing you Fausto and Marc. In the podcast you explain the strange fascination we all feel watching the train wreck of the Big and Little Edie Show. Maybe I’m venting because of reactions I’ve heard from other people. I should start a discussion over on the boards about this instead of here.

  9. Andrew J says:

    I’m a bit behind, but I’m here (things have been hectic around here)! Thanks for the shout out, guys! When are you coming back to Philly??

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