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FOF #2379 – Digital Dating for Drag Queens

Drag queens in the past would have been mortified to get caught hooking up with a guy while in drag. Nowadays, gender is much more fluid, and performers who don’t identify as trans don’t mind dolling it up to get the sexual attention they desire.

Today, the adorable drag queen Joonage À Trois joins us to give us the juicy details of her romantic life and how to recover from a hard night of drag.

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FOF #2249 – Dismantling the Rainbow

You hear this every now and then- why are we all lumped together in the LGBTQ, XYZ community? Some folks don’t like their personal struggles connected at the hip with someone they think have nothing in common with.

But there’s a reason why drag queen Busty Ross made picked the rainbow as a symbol for our liberation.

Today we’re taking a look at the recent petitions folks have posted to drop the L and kick out the T from LGBT.

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IMAGES: Equal Representation in Drag

Just thought I’d post some drag king photos of myself, since we mostly see drag queens here. 😉 Link goes to set on Flickr. If you guess my inspiration to be “Googled for ‘Johnny Depp […]

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”21 Jump Street” Gets the Green Light

The 80’s mega hit series that launched Johnny Depp’s career, “21 Jump Street,” is getting the big screen treatment! It stars Channing Tatum as an undercover cop and Dave Franco as raging drug dealer. Since […]

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