FOF #2249 – Dismantling the Rainbow

Nov 11, 2015 · 1985 views

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You hear this every now and then- why are we all lumped together in the LGBTQ, XYZ community? Some folks don’t like their personal struggles connected at the hip with someone they think have nothing in common with.

But there’s a reason why drag queen Busty Ross made picked the rainbow as a symbol for our liberation.

Today we’re taking a look at the recent petitions folks have posted to drop the L and kick out the T from LGBT.


  1. Good show guys. Just to clarify, the drama behind Coco and Alyssa on RPDR season 5 was because Alyssa Edwards won the pageant crown and had to give it up to Coco Montrese not the other way around as you mentioned in your podcast. Though the way Coco played up the drama it would seem that Coco was the one wronged and forced to forfeit the crown.

    Alyssa cited on the season that she lost the crown because she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to perform the ‘administrative duties’……LOL.

    • Whoops you’re right! Those two confused me so much, I had no idea who gave it and who took it. Also, Coco acted so butthurt about it, one would assume she was the one who lost the crown! Oh lawdy…

        I donated last night so I helped a little too! ::bell ding::

        Looking forward to seeing the great content you guys put our for season 2 of cooking with drag queens. Your hard work to get this funded was very admirable. I hope you get your alternate funding scheme in place as you discussed on the show so you don’t need to go through the stress of a kickstarter for seasons 3, 4, 5 and 6 😉
        Come on Bianca Bucks!

  2. teacher44 says:

    Hope you make it to that 25K mark. I would be so sad if Cooking with Drag Queens came to an untimely end. I’ve done all I can to pitch in, so it’s up to others now. The thing I find most astonishing is that with all the thousands of people who listen to and watch your content, apparently fewer than 350 of them are willing to throw money in the pot to keep your work going. I think it’s bizarre that people seem to think they are entitled to free music, free entertainment, free information. When people do good work, they ought to be supported. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next 28 hours!

  3. jimmyV says:

    Hope you guys get funded, liked today’s show, and I would have to say that I would sign the petition to remove the “T” from LGBT largely because sexuality and gender identity are different completely. Watch Caitlyn Jenner tell her story and a large part of it has to do with the fact that she isn’t gay and how different gender and sexuality are. The LGBT movement is partly to blame for confusing the two by putting these issues in the same conversation.

    Transgender issues widely revolve around preserving traditional gender roles not breaking them. I value people regardless of gender and have no trouble with gay and lesbians that identify as butch or Fem. Transgender people seem to be fighting over traditional male or female gender roles not preserving identities in between.

    We don’t need men’s and woman’s bathrooms but unisex bathrooms the issue shouldn’t be about gender but about equality.

    I live in MIchigan gays and lesbians are not mentioned in our Civil Rights ordinance the Elliot Larson act. Last year we had a chance to amend the law to include Gay and Lesbian people, we had the republican tea party votes to pass the bill but because transgender people left out the bill was never voted on.

    Equality Michigan won’t support any bill that doesn’t include transgender people, can’t we be incremental in legislation? I support and would vote to affirm Transgender rights and believe trans people deserve respect support and equal rights .

    Given that we lost in Houston last week largely over the bathroom issue now is the time to take the”T” out of LGBT so we can protect Gay and Lesbian people.

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