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FOF #1844 – How to Come Out After a Lifetime of Being Closeted

Most people these days come out relatively young. But for some other folks, it takes them a lot longer, even a whole lifetime.

Today we’re taking a look at what you can do if you’re thinking of coming out after denying your same-sex attraction for so long- advice for married men with children, conservative politicians and religious leaders.

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FOF #1633 – Deven Green’s Gold Medal Winning Sexy Stories

Perfect time for a little Olympic erotic fan fiction! Today the hilarious Deven Green, who has quite a filthy potty mouth, graces us with an original slash fiction story of ice skating champion Johnny Weir in a crazy tea room extravaganza.

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Johnny Weir Tells Elle Magazine He Was Targeted for Assasination

In an interview with magazine, Johnny Weir claims that that an animal rights group placed a bounty on his pretty little head.

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Figure Skater Johnny Weir Comes Out as Gay

Ok so this is probably the non-story of the day but Yahoo is reporting that Johnny Weir finally comes out as Gay in his new book.  Guess he wanted to get paid to leave the […]

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FOF #1150 – The Bear King

Hear ye, hear ye, Jamie Williamson, King of the Chicago Movie Bears is moving and the club is seeking a new leader for their monthly fun-filled movie and calorie rich-food event.

Join us as we chat about all the sexy Winter Olympic athletes and how flamboyant ice skater Johnny Weir wants to be out of the closet as being himself. A solider comes out as gay after his death, and Zhora the boozy chimp sent to rehab.

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VIDEO: Johnny Weir Too Gay for Figure Skating?

The always excellent comedian Bryan Safi gives his latest take on the bullsh*it surrounding the fabulous, three time gold medal winning Olympic athlete Johnny Weir, and why the media has a hard time accepting him […]

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