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FOF #1889 – Homecoming Queen’s Got a Musical

When Julie Brown’s song “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” first came out, it seemed ridiculous for a teenager to bring a gun to school to kill everyone.

Boy have times changed. Julie Brown’s hit song is being turned into a full musical now running in L.A. with Drew Droege as Debbie the murderous homecoming queen and Marsian Dellis as Nancy Reagan.

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FOF #1197 – You’ve Come a Long Way Michael Buckley

Today we celebrate YouTube’s 5 year anniversary with one of the site’s most successful creators, Michael Buckley. His entertainment news video blog, “What the Buck,” is one of the top shows of all time, with over 200 million views since he started in 2006, and he’s really funny too!

Join us as Michael reflects on his journey and serves up sass on Lady Gaga, Kevin Jonas, Jason Mraz and Tom Cruise.

Jonas Brother Underwhelmed by First Sexual Experience

Kevin Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, pop stars infamous for being abstinence advocates said at a press conference in New York he was unimpressed by his first sexual exprience, just days after getting married. Kevin […]

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FOF #998 – Pretty in Pink

As our 1,000th show draws near and the chickens are coming home to roost! One of our earliest guests, and one of the world’s first video bloggers, Victoria Lamarr returns to rekindle her podcasting flame, […]

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