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FOF #2605 – Say My Name

Names are a lot like prayers. Every time it’s invoked, a name calls upon its true meaning.

Today we take a look at the power of names– from drag queens like Katya or RuPaul, celebrity children like Kim & Kanye’s North or Gwyneth Paltrow’s Apple, and to comic book villains like the infamous Mister Mxyzptlk.

FOF #2558 – How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Selfie

Some folks think taking selfies is the ultimate expression of narcissism, but selfies are important in shaping how we think of ourselves. After all, when you post a selfie you’re just one click away from having random strangers telling you exactly what they think of your face.

Today writer and selfie expert Alicia Eler joins us to talk about her new book “The Selfie Generation” which takes a revealing look at the power and potential of selfies to shape the world.

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FOF #2144 – Election, Peanuts & Coke

Sometimes the way a person talks gets a whole lot more attention that what they are actually trying to say. It’s not right, but you are judged all the time on how you express yourself and it may cost you a whole lot more than you think.

Today speech pathologist and video blogger Jennifer Tarle joins us to listen to the way we talk, and what we can do to speak more clearly in order to better connect with others.

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FOF #2082 – Shawn Binder is Embarrassed by Everything

If your happiness relies on what you see on TV, you’re going to be miserable, so why not look to other forms of culture for inspiration. Maybe that’s why young people are turning to the internet for entertainment.

Today we’re joined by writer Shawn Binder, who feels the way gay men are portrayed in the media makes the younglings feel like they are making a terrible, terrible mistake in their lives by being gay.

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FOF #1818 – Eating Out for Equality

The wait is over! Today the Supreme Court announces their big decision on Marriage Equality. An impatient nation is screaming – get to the gay stuff already!

Regardless of the outcome- this weekend’s Pride Parades will be one of the most emotionally intense we’ll see in years. Joining us today is the divalicious Amy Armstrong to take a look at the long road towards equality

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PHOTO: Double Stuffed Kim Kardashian

I don’t usually post stupid photos of overexposed people who don’t deserve the attention they get, but I simply couldn’t resist posting this large and in charge photo of Kim Kardashian. It is photoshopped, right? […]

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FOF #1551 – Ch Ch Ch Changes

Change doesn’t come easy, like those awful 1980s movies fashion montages would have you think, it comes by focusing on what works, drawing our attention to it and acknowledging people’s discomfort when things do change.

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FOF #1475 – 50 of the Most Incredible Moments of Anything

Today comedian Becky Donohue joins us to talk about how they make commentary clip shows where funny, insightful people share their thoughts on video clips in between commercial breaks.

Plus: Lesbian Haggis, Adult babies and Stinky Sexy Occupy Wall Street hunks.

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FOF #1472 – Halloween Aftershock

For Halloween this year we stuck around the house to scare children with our furry monster outfits inspired by where the Wild Things Are.

Join us today as we share our tips and ticks on scaring kids while their parents smile with a deep sense of satisfaction.

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Is Kim Kardashian the Messenger of Death?

After a lifetime in the public eye, Elizabeth Taylor gave her final interview to Kim Kardashian for Harper’s Bazaar (!) Vibrant and full of life back in February, Liz even joined Twitter and followed Kim […]