FOF #2144 – Election, Peanuts & Coke

Apr 6, 2015 · 1985 views

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Sometimes the way a person talks gets a whole lot more attention that what they are actually trying to say. It’s not right, but you are judged all the time on how you express yourself and it may cost you a whole lot more than you think.

Today speech pathologist and video blogger Jennifer Tarle joins us to listen to the way we talk, and what we can do to speak more clearly in order to better connect with others.


  1. Doug Capitan says:

    I was so disaapointed listening to this pod cast. I was hoping for Marc and Fausto’s best Eliza with a Z Dolittle. Or better yet, Eliza as done by Ertha Kitt. It would have been marvelous! I still love you guys! I listened on my drive home. My family live in northwest New Mexico. Prime Navajo land. Being Navajo, the dicussion of accents, talk, speach, and such livened the drive back home to Pheonix. We Navajos as well as our Pueblo cousins have strong, STRONG accents. Some say very similar to Asian accents. Furthermore, there are different accents and dialects across the reservation. With tribal land that amounts to the same land area as West Virginia, that’s no suprise. As for myself, I feel I don’t have an accent at all. But outsiders say I do. In high school, I was a youth worker for Save the Children. I was chosen to attend a conference in Washington. On one of our outings to the museums, a woman asked about the group and then asked about me. I told her I was Navajo, first had to tell her that was an Indian Tribe and then explain, as she put it… “talked so good.” To this day, I deal with the odds and ends of culture, prejudice, identity, nativeness, genderisms, etc. Going home, also has its moments. Do you recall the moment in the movie “Selena” where Abraham says to Selena and her brother, “we have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American’s than the Americans.” I feel the very same way sometimes. It comes as no suprise. My family has a touch of Mexican and Irish blood, but even without the context of physical presence, say over the phone. People’s perceptions are very interesting. I whole heartedly agree with Jennifer’s assertion that people will be people and that’s ok. The way we should confront this is acknowledging that. I am by no means offended by any of my experiences, well with the exception of the woman at the Smithsonian, but we live, we learn, we love, we grow hunty!!

    I just wanted to commend you on the show and express my joy in listening. I’m not too sure if you guys have seen this. It’s in relation to race and such that you touched on. It’s a meme about white men all about equality until we log into grindr. No blacks, browns, etc. I think that would be an interesting topic.

    Take care and keep up the awesome podcast. I love it!!! (I said this all with an uplift jk).

  2. Incredible job, as always, Marc and Fausto. And Jen sounded awesome. So glad to hear her back on the show. Though I miss you all. Wish you were down in DC for some Cherry Blossom fun this weekend.

  3. Jennifer Tarle says:

    Thanks Marc and Fausto for a fun interview!

    And a special thanks to my awesome nephew for the kind comment. Love you Ryan!

  4. Great podcast! I am looking forward to seeing my college friend David Thorpe’s documentary “Do I Sound Gay?” The film addresses issues about how gay men talk in the United States.

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