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VIDEO: Kiss In at Toronto Market

Twenty couples surprised market goers in Toronto with a flash mob kiss in. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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FOF #1202 – iPhone Sexting 4.0

Apple’s new iPhone is out of the closet. It’s thinner in size and richer in graphics, but what really gotten people’s attention is the front facing camera which allows for video chatting- Sexting just got upgraded.

And Hollywood is getting is getting randy too as many celebrities enjoying media attention from their same sex kisses. Find out who has been locking lips.

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Roman Catholics Protest Together With Fascists Against Kiss-in Fascists in Lyon

Gay rights activists staging a mass “kiss-in” to protest homophobia faced off with Roman Catholic protesters late Tuesday outside Lyon cathedral in southeastern France. About 200 gay campaigners gathered outside the cathedral were heckled by […]

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Video: Paris Kiss-in, International Day Against Homophobia

The Paris Kiss-in took place under a radiant sun yesterday afternoon, on the eve of international day against Homophobia.

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FOF #1036 – Rise of Anna Conda

San Francisco drag queen Anna Conda, longtime gay rights activist talks about the Great Nationwide Kiss-In happeing all across America to celebrate same sex affection and draw attention to the everyday violence gay people experience.