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FOF #2033 – Cameron Esposito Comes Back

For years Comedian Cameron Esposito was a regular on the podcast and even performed with us at a gay men’s bathhouse. Since then she’s moved to L.A. and done really well for herself.

Listen as we reconnect with America’s Lesbian Sweetheart Cameron Esposito about her Hollywood success, her working and romantic relationship with comedian Rhea Butcher and behind the scenes hijinks at Chelsea Lately.

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More Fresh Brewed Flavah With Lauren Bacall

The guys referenced the legendary Lauren Bacall and her High Point commercials in today’s show, so I thought it was time to share a couple more nuggets of Fresh Brewed Flavah featuring the legendary actress. […]

FOF #704 – Bold Rich Flavor

I just can’t get the image of Lauren Bacall or Patricia Neil out of my mind. In case you missed the wonderful vintage commercials that John Q Sanchez put up on the website earlier this […]

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