FOF #704 – Bold Rich Flavor

Feb 14, 2008 · 1985 views

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I just can’t get the image of Lauren Bacall or Patricia Neil out of my mind. In case you missed the wonderful vintage commercials that John Q Sanchez put up on the website earlier this […]


  1. PupDon says:

    That pack man commercial just killed me. You know that’s not actually Kim Karnes singing that. I’m spending Valentine’s day being my own Valentine and loving myself. I hope you all have a wonderful and love filled V-day. 🙂

  2. I liked the comment about being single at V-day. It is much better to be single and give yourself a little present, meet friends or having a hot date than being in a relationship which sucks on V-day.

    But then I don’t care much about V-day. Every day you can show other ppl you love them and care about them. At the end V-day is just about increasing sells for flowers, chocolate….
    That’s why they created ” White day” in Japan and also in other countries. In Japan girls are supposed to give presents to guys on V-day. On White day guys are supposed to give presents to girls.

  3. SAL-E says:

    Next time I am over I will show you how to melt Chocolate the right way!
    I love getting myself presents…….ALL THE TIME………………
    Love ya

  4. Balls in chocolate that’s the perfect Valentines day present LOL have a wonderful day guy when is Amanda coming back to the show?

  5. RcktMan says:

    Yeah not a big Valentine’s Day fan here… I’m as single as can be with no end to that in sight (yet). So I guess I’ll go out tonight and buy myself something nice. Ain’t nobody else gonna do that for me anyway…

    My sister and I totally did the High Point Coffee thing too. We probably broke a few coffee cups trying to do it in the process. Of course our cups were not clear, but we tried and tried to capture that maaarvelous De-CAFF-enated aroma as much as possible… to no avail. I wonder how many kids actually did try that? So funny that you guys did!

    Oh and thanks for once AGAIN propelling the legend of the chocolate balls into the stratosphere. 🙂 Some legends never die!

  6. If I was a florist I wouldn’t want to work on Valentines Day either. To chalk it up to commercialism is just a bonus.

  7. Rhea says:

    Another legend to propel into the stratosphere:

    Bad thing about being single: there’s always the chance of that cute hookup taking a dump in your shower.

    Good thing about being single: The guffaws and huge round of applause you get from your friends after telling them the story of the dude who took a dump in your shower! 🙂

    You have the best stories, Rcktman! 🙂

  8. RcktMan says:

    Hee hee… I wish they were only stories, but they’re true! 🙂 Though when I posted the shower story on my blog I had people asking me “WHAT possessed you to write about THAT!?! EWWWW!”

    It is my job to entertain AND disgust. I wear my badge with pride.

  9. I love you guys. I can always count you to make me smile. I loved today’s show. I listened to it twice. Happy Vday guys! Hope you had a good one!

  10. Rhea says:

    De-coff-inated. *chuckle*

    Fausto, you do the best Lauren Bacall impression! How can you guys do a show without cracking up every five seconds? I guess that’s what separates performers from the rest of the world.

  11. nccellist says:

    Another great show. Those commercials were great. You need to add one of those ridiculous Mrs. Olson with her ever-present can of Folgers MOUNTAIN GROWN coffee to round out your collection. I remember asking my mom why that lady always had a big-ass can of coffee with her, I mean are there really gatherings that are BYOC?

    Talking about sweet soft drinks, has anyone on here had Inca Kola? It’s the most popular soda in Peru, even outselling Coke which is propbably why Coke eventually bought them out. It looks like pee and smells like bazooka bubble gum, but doesn’t taste half bad. I forgot to bring some home with me for my family to try and can’t find it anywhere in the US.

  12. Inca Cola is everywhere here in Chicago. At least in the Hispanic Markets. I don\’t like it but I like to try it eevry now and then to remind myself that I don\’t like it.

  13. Terminator the Series makes my head hurt, pretty much like any time travel story. If they ever avoided the war, there would have been no terminators and no John – and Sarah would be right back at the diner working as a waitress, as she was at the beginning of the first movie. Only makes sense if you involve alternate realities and those make my head hurt even more. I try to enjoy the series regardless as I really like the Firefly girl who plays Teen Terminator but it\’s tricky.

  14. Zoomer says:

    Holy crap, this was the funniest intro ever!!! I was laughing outloud, then I had to listen to it a couple more times for good measure. Fausto, you were in rare form this day. All the clinking of cups in the background added THAT much more richness. I love it when you do your “sophisticated announcer” voice, it just makes me PEE with delight. Marc, for a hunky ‘mo, you make a brilliant straight man. XO

  15. Zoomer says:

    OH, and I know that was Lauren Bacall you were channeling, but it reminds me of your announcer voice… too funny!

  16. You had me cracking up listening to this episode cause I was making coffee for the office while Fausto was fiddling with the coffee cups. Alas, I was brewing up Sparebucks… or was it Poots? Anyway, it was a great way to start the morning.

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