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Lego Ad Gender Bender

Need to laugh at gender norms? Try using the Lego ad gender bender.   1st: Go to the site:   2nd: Drag 1 of the clips you want to see the video for into […]

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VIDEO: Lego Space Shuttle Flies to Stratosphere

A LEGO tribute to the end of the space shuttle era by Raul Oaida from Romania. Proving that although retired, this machine can still fly, albeit in toy form. The launch took place from central […]

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LEGO Nerd Writes About the LEGO Gender Gap

I met David, who creates some stunning LEGO stop motion animations at a YouTube partner meet up. With all the controversy lately about gender based toys he wrote up “The LEGO Gender Gap: A Historical […]

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VIDEO: Harry Potter Lego Trailer

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. Everyone is gushing about the finale of the most lucrative franchise in movie history, and I’m still fascinated by […]

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Image: Bin Laden Restacked

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. I finished reading Lego: A Love Story this week, a book about the Adult Fan Of Lego (AFOL) community […]

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Lego Goes All S&M

Here you thought Legos were just innocent little creatures that just liked to have fun…..well guess what – they’re all grown up and really do enjoy having “fun”. Check out this gallery of Lego’s enjoying […]

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