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FOF #2495 – This Time You’ve Gone Too Far

Comedians go too far all the time- that’s the whole point, to find the lines you shouldn’t cross and then plow right through them. Sometimes they succeed and expand our mind and sometimes they fail and expose their own flaws.

Today writer Derrick Clifton joins us to take a look at Kathy Griffin, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher: the outrage over comedians who say outrageous things.

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FOF #2408 – Boricua to the Max

Dr. Larry LaFontaine is best known to fans of Feast of Fun as the incredible Lola Von Miramar whose first time in drag was in our very first episode of Cooking with Drag Queens where we fried up tostones and smashed them with cha cha heels.

Today, Larry La Fountain joins us to talk about his new coloring book on Queer History and his sexy new short story, SJU-ATL-DTW, about sex, airports and life as gay Puerto Rican in Detroit.

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FOF #1896 – Thor: The Gay World

This weekend, theater goers in Shanghai got a different movie poster for Thor: The Dark World- a fan-made photoshop picture of the movie’s hero Thor in a romantic embrace with his nemesis and brother Loki.

We’re not sure what they were expecting to happen in the film, but they were probably disappointed unlike our guest today, Brian Sweeney, who joins us to take a look at the new Thor movie and upcoming films we’re excited or not so excited about.

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FOF #1778 – Having a Ball

Everyone wonders about the size of a man’s wang, but do they ever stop to think about the balls that hang down below? Do they waddle to and fro? Would you tie them in a knot , would you tie them in a bow? Can you toss them over your shoulder like a continental soldier?

Today Bill Cruz, the Jennifer Lopez of gay Mexican American comedians joins us to talk about Monorchism, you know, guys with one testicle

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FOF #1321 – Civil Unions Come to Illinois

Hooray for Illinois as Governor Pat Quinn signs civil unions into law! Illinois is now one of a dozen states with significant legal protections for same-sex couples.

And yet, some are saying that it’s simply more Jim Crow laws, creating a second class status for people locked out of Federal marriage rights. Listen as we talk about Carol Mosley Braun knows who’s on crack and SNL’s controversial trans skits.

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PHOTO: Madea Is the Real Black Swan

Love Madea as the Black Swan, but if she killed herself at the end of Swan Lake you know she’d take a few of those swan bitches with her. And that prince, he’d have been the first go because she’d have whacked him with a frying pan so hard grits would have come out his eyeballs.

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