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FOF #2602 – The Magic of Your Vibrations

I’m obsessed with the Hallmark channel series Good Witch, where a mysterious woman moves into a small town and starts turning the lives of the townsfolk around with her witchy goodness.

When life gives you a challenge, how you approach it can greatly affect the outcome. But just like medicine, sometimes positive spells can a dark side

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FOF #2599 – I Have Cancer

Art has the power to take pain and suffering and make it transcendent.

I have cancer. When I went to have my basal cell carcinoma removed, I asked the doctor if I could film it and turn it into art like the French performance artist Orlan, she just laughed and said “no.” But I did get to take a medical selfie.

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VIDEO: Fake David Blaine

Fake David Blaine will mess your life up.   “Ha ha, th-stupid, th-stupid.”  ROFL!

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Shinya, the Amazing Japanese iPad Magician at SXSW

I was so excited to get my photo taken with Shinya, the iPad magician on the trade floor at SXSW. I didn’t recognize Shinya at first and I thought it was going to be some boring presentation about an iPad app and then he started with his tricks!

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VIDEO: Water Trick- How Does He Do It?

I’m going to recommend you not do this trick at home unless you want to clean up a lot of water. So how do you think he does it?

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VIDEO: Dirty Tricks

Magician John Sturk shows Fausto and Marc a few tricks. You pick out which one is the most unsanitary.

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FOF #1315 – He’s a Magic Man Mamma

Do you believe in magic? Magic that makes you feel groovy like an old time movie? When did the awe and wonder of magic become corny and the domain of creepy men at birthday parties?

Today we are joined by the fresh faced award winning comedy-magician John Sturk. He’s here to tell us about the history of modern magic and what it takes to make a living pulling rabbits out of your hat.

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