FOF #1315 – He’s a Magic Man Mamma

Jan 21, 2011 · 1985 views

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Do you believe in magic? Magic that makes you feel groovy like an old time movie? When did the awe and wonder of magic become corny and the domain of creepy men at birthday parties?

Today we are joined by the fresh faced award winning comedy-magician John Sturk. He’s here to tell us about the history of modern magic and what it takes to make a living pulling rabbits out of your hat.


  1. fun show!!! he seems like a cool magician…but if he wants some tips on hot to hit on people with magic, he should watch this video, and make the changes to apply it to gay men instead

    then maybe John could be as awesome as this magician….

    dunno if this vid will embed properly tho….

  2. Awesome episode boys & an awesome quirky subject to cover! And I LOVE magic and all of it’s tricks =v9.

  3. BASboy says:

    I love magic and magicians. I live near The Magic Castle in Los Angeles and use to hang out in a magic store performing for awhile… nothing major. But it was fun. I’m sorry that one of you didn’t seem so into the magic (I know you can’t interview people / subjects you are into all the time). but I am glad you brought him onboard to interview.

    AS a PS, I am finally turning the corner on my financial straights, and although it has been rather slow for the past few months, I will try my darndest to start making a monthly donation to you guys. Wish I could do more, but since you bring me so much gay info and help so many others I can hope to help keep you guys a little or close to being in the black.

  4. mododavid says:

    You guys were on fire in this podcast. LOL Loved it!

  5. Just wanted to post an illustration of Mandrake the Magician.

  6. Andy says:

    Fantastic show!

    You guys also talked about the income equality in the USA. Here is a list of countries. Just click on UN Gini or CIA Gini which are good measurments to sort them.
    I am suprised that even in Russia the income, although Moscow is full of mafia millionares, is more equally distributed than in the US. I still don’t understand how Obama could extend the tax cuts for rich people with an income higher than $250.000 a year.

  7. On another note, isn’t it refreshing to have the site loading faster? Ahhhhhhhh

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