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FOFA #1216 – Cassandra Peterson on Elvira, All About Evil

Cassandra began her career as Las Vegas showgirl and later went on to being a horror movie hostess. As Elvira she is a Halloween icon and sex symbol for all things campy and spooky.

Listen to this classic podcast with the brilliant Cassandra Peterson about taking off her character for the directing drag queen Peaches Christ, the origins of her beloved character Elvira and her thoughts on the movie “Showgirls.”

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FOF #1336 – King’s Speech Reigns Supreme at the Oscars 2011

“The King’s Speech” was crowned Best Picture at this year’s Oscars showing that Hollywood likes films that demonstrate their ability to make anyone into a star, even a king! Joe Fitrzyk joins us to make sense of this years Oscars and figure out why co-host James Franco was such a dud- his drag wasn’t even funny. James, sashay away.

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FOF #1333 – Bruce Vilanch Takes Us Inside the Oscars

For over two decades comedian Bruce Vilanch has written some of the best received Academy Awards shows. Although the writing process starts months in advance he really shines when he’s in the hot seat, coming up with funny things for the hosts.

Listen as Bruce takes us inside the Oscars, his best and worst Oscar memories, and how he still might be able to get James Franco to dress up in drag!

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FOF #1332 – Bill Cruz’s Secret Sex Life

Comedian Bill Cruz is in hot water for his top ten list of Chicago male comedians he’d like to get jiggy with. Most straight guys got mad not because they were on the list, but because they didn’t make the cut.

Listen as we talk about who’se hot in Chicago’s comedy scene, rotten celebrities, and Lady Gaga confirms her latex costumes were inspired by condoms to promote safe sex.

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FOF #1325 – Faster Peaches Christ! Thrill! Thrill!

Today filmmaker drag queen Peaches Christ, well known for her love of horror films joins us to take a look horror films where people literally get their hearts ripped out.

Plus her recent travels to Thailand, where he was chased by an elderly massage woman demanding to give him the “happy ending” she thought Peaches wanted. Talk about horror of horrors!

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FOF #1322 – Out in Hollywood

Today we’re talking to James Duke Mason- son of 80s pop star Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s, and grandson of Hollywood actor James Mason.

Join us as The Duke shares with us important advice he got from Dustin Lance Black and stories of hanging with Elton John and David Furnish and their new baby.

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FOF #1316 – Oprah’s Favorite Gay Prince

In 2006, Prince Manvendra, the 39th direct descendant in the 651-year dynasty of Rajpipla, a princely state in Western India, made headlines around the world when he became the first Indian royal to come out as gay.

One of Oprah’s favorite guests, Prince Manvendra, is now a gay rights leader, a health advocate and publisher of a new gay magazine called “Fun.”

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FOF #1315 – He’s a Magic Man Mamma

Do you believe in magic? Magic that makes you feel groovy like an old time movie? When did the awe and wonder of magic become corny and the domain of creepy men at birthday parties?

Today we are joined by the fresh faced award winning comedy-magician John Sturk. He’s here to tell us about the history of modern magic and what it takes to make a living pulling rabbits out of your hat.

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FOF #1311 – The World’s First Glitter Day

Glitter Day, the world’s first LGBT centric winter holiday came and went without hitch in most parts of the world but sadly, the horrific shootings in Arizona left the US in mourning.

Film maker Kerthy Fix joins us to take a look at some of the more extraordinary news and spread the word about her new documentary Strange Powers, an in-depth look at Stephen Meritt and the Magnetic Fields.

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FOF #1291 – The New Adventures of Chris Tina Foxx Bruce

Transgendered people and bodybuilders share a lot in common- they both work very hard for the body they want to have. In many ways, enhancing gender characteristics on either side of the male or female spectrum is a difficult transition.

Chris Tina Foxx Bruce has transitioned twice- from fit to fabulous! First, she became a 230 lb male bodybuilder and now she’s a 180 lb female fitness guru, 6’4″ in heels!

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