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Fausto Fernós in Drag or Na’Vi Warrior Princess from Avatar?

My friend Larry La Fountain says that Latinos usually wind up playing the space alien in most sci-fi films. So why did I have a strange sense of Deja-vu when I saw the Na’Vi aliens […]

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Forced Feminization – Feast of Fun

Daphne Dumount (Marc Felion) has gone too far, so her gal pals Saltina Bouvier (Fausto Fernós) and Victoria Lamarr (Matthew Bogseth) give her a good dose of harsh beauty treatments. Edited by Nathan Adloff, camera […]

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Jade’s Eye Makeup Tricks

Jade, a rising star in Chicago’s nightlife and contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race shows Fausto Fernós how to put on eye makeup. Camera: Randall Jensen, editing: Fausto Fernós. For a high-quality version of the video, […]

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Ding-Dong! Avon Calling!

Children of the 70s like me remember some pretty interesting things. One of those things was my mom meeting with her Avon representative, trying out the latest lipsticks and perfumes. In our household, our Avon […]

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