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PHOTO: Mathu Andersen’s Equality Icon Makeup

Behind every fabulous drag queen there usually is an equally fabulous make-up artist who helps her get into her looks every day. For decades Mathu Andersen has been responsible for turning RuPaul into the Supermodel […]

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PHOTO: Burger Eyeshadow

Looking fierce never looked so delicious! Check out this awesome eye makeup, from of all places a Burger King ad from the Netherlands. Although I think the only “look” people will get from BK is […]

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PHOTOS: Chris Evans Shirtless With Lots of Body Make Up in Captain America

Apparently transforming into Captain America involves applying lots and lots of splotchy body makeup on your body.

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Elizabeth Taylor Was a Mutant

Dame Elizabeth Had Beauty in Her Genes… Gene Mutation Anyway

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Katy Perry Jumps on the Pop Star Alien Bandwagon

Katy Perry is sporting a new alien inspired look for her upcoming music video “E.T.” 2011 is becoming the year when all female pop stars turned their eyes to the skies for imagery and inspiration, […]

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Eat Your Makeup!

Found at The Warehouse, the New Zealand equivalent of Wal-Mart. “Priced to clear”, I can’t imagine why! What would you buy this for? Hen parties? Children, who will be confused because they’ve just learned NOT […]

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At Fausto’s Request: Self-Forced Feminization

A whimsical look in honor of the inaugural Glitter Day, with sequin rope, star confetti, mirrorball, metallic skewers, and a special appearance by Sparkles, the plush unicorn I’ve had since I was three.  Several poses […]

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VIDEO: Chris Rushton’s “How to Do Natural Looking Makeup”

I’m Chris and I made a really easy makeup video to enhance your natural beauty and still look refreshingly natural : ) beat that face

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PHOTO: Ben Stiller as an Avatar Na’Vi at the Oscars Might Be the Best Moment Yet

So far this is the best moment from the 2010 Oscars, Ben Stiller dressed up as a Na’Vi from the film Avatar. Amazing making, making James Cameron nervous and the fishing pole connected to the […]

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A Teenagers Coming Out Story – Chris Rushton

This is my coming out story – more videos at

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