PHOTOS: Chris Evans Shirtless With Lots of Body Make Up in Captain America

Sep 8, 2011 · 1985 views

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Apparently transforming into Captain America involves applying lots and lots of splotchy body makeup on your body.


  1. Jim Farris says:

    Also note that his nipples are very close to the color of his skin, which rarely (ok, never) occurs in nature.

  2. the milkman says:

    Yeah that’s … um… terrible. Someone’s gonna have to lick that foundation off his perfect chest. I’ll do it. What were we talking about?

    • Having lived in Tinsel Town most of my life, I know quite a bit about film, advertising and air brush techniques. There is always some nerd who thinks they are smart when they pick out incorrect details about a communication. I remember ten errors in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Like Chris Evans body, most of it is incorrect speculation.

      Chris Evans made a quick transformation from “90 pound weakling” to muscular Captain America. Yes, film enhancement techniques were used. But, not the accusations of this ignorant writer. Evans skin has shades mainly because of LIGHTING. It was professional work.

      And, thanks to the innovations of film geniuses like George Lucas we can do many things with a computerized film image. If the writer of this blog REALLY knew what they were talking about, they would know that in movies made for children, nipples are always downplayed with make up to look more like the bodies of teen and preteen males. “Captain America” is not a sex show for twisted peds.

      After this author makes millions of dollars on a major blockbuster movie, I might be interested in what he has to say. Otherwise, he is just another “wannabe,” who needs to get a life!

  3. Gigi says:

    Someone has way too much time on his hands!

  4. Jack says:

    I can never get past the need to shave him. Why? What’s so un-American about hairy pecs?

  5. Tim says:

    His face is pink and his chest is orange! A lot of models and actors use body makeup to accentuate muscle definition and create shadows. All the muscle me in fitness mags have body makeup.

  6. Raffa says:

    well, it doesn’t matter how is done, what counts is the good he looks..nice niples…

  7. F says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED to learn that someone playing a comic book character in a >100 million, CGI and SFX-laden summer blockbuster would wear make-up, what is the world coming to?

  8. Let’s be clear- I’m not surprised that they applied body make-up on him, but that the job was SO sloppy. Seriously, I could have done better. They should have had let me have at him!

    He would have never left his trailer. 🙂

  9. roxy says:

    The makeup is covering his tattoos, it is VERY hard to cover tattoos (especially black tattoos for HD) and have it be an absolute perfect match. Honestly this cover up is close enough and works fine. Also it would be alcohol based makeup, not oil based and the ‘water’ would be glycerine or a similar fake sweat product, hence the beading, as actual sweat forms beads and that is the look they are creating here.

  10. someone cute says:

    he has a face????

  11. ardy torres says:

    he very handsome for me, he is my idol

  12. Jake says:

    Late to the party, but this is kinda dumb. The makeup is covering his tattoos, which are all solid black. For how hard this author wants to try to be a film makeup expert, he clearly knows very little. It is incredibly hard (nearly impossible, really) to cover solid black tattoos when filming in HD. His natural (fair) skin tone would not have sufficed and it’s honestly a wonder they were able to pull it off as well as they did.

    I have no words for the commentors implying that the makeup was used to give him muscles. That’s definitely just what his body always looks like, minus the waxing. He has an astonishing physique.

    Research is everybody’s friend.

  13. Jake says:

    Not to mention the strange mention of the makeup being oily? Body makeup used in HD filming is alcohol-based, there are no oils. All I see in that picture is very realistic sweat beading, probably created with a glycerine-based spray. Again, research is everybody’s friend.

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