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FOF #1160 – Christeene’s Ugly is the New Beautiful

Christeene is exploding across the South in a hot mix of raw sexual shamlessness and original rap music. Today we’re continuing our shows from Austin, Texas with the man behind the mad woman, musician Paul Soileau.

Plus: A prankster overtakes WallMart’s intercom, Indonesia’s soil snack food, and Prinny the little cat from Australia that learned how to swim.

FOF #1159 – Heather Gold Is Gay for the Internet

Today we kick off our series of interviews from deep in the heart of Texas in Austin during SXSW with comedian Heather Gold.

Listen as Heather talks with us about her talk show Tummelvision, the queering of this year’s conference, how Sarah Palin works the internet and why entertainers need social media to keep their audience.

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FOF #1157 – Craig Seymour Bares it All

Visiting a strip club when you first come out can be a very liberating as it validates your desire to look at other men.

For Craig Seymour, he was so fascinated by his experience at the strip club, he did his college thesis on the subject of stripping and interviewed many male dancers and their clients. He eventually became one himself. Listen as Craig talks about his tell all book: “All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C.”

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FOF #1156 – A Gay Man’s Return to the Muslim World

To many, the Middle East is a tantalizing mix of danger and desire. To a gay travel writer it’s an adventure to a world where same-sex affection blurs in the sand.

Today Michael Luongo joins us to talk about his book tour through the Middle East to promote “Gay Travels in the Muslim World” a collection of true stories of men sexually attracted to other men in places like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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FOF #1153 – Wish I Were an #oscarweiners

This year’s Oscars with a new ranking-voting system. Our friend and movie buff Curtis Jensen shares with us his insights about the awards and how the new system impacts who wins.

Plus: Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin tear up the Windy City, a woman gets an unexpected breast augmentation, death by Sauna, breath by Chocolate, Killer whale woes and a letter from listeners in San Diego looking for a little friendship.

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FOF #1152 – The Adorable Chris Rushton

A gay youth revolution is underway as young people connect with a mass audience by telling their coming out stories on Youtube. One such video blogger, Chris Rushton shares with us his tips on video blogging and being stalked by his fans.

Plus: Robert Pattinson offered to pose nude for Details magazine but they declined!

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