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How to create change: Lauren & Ellie

Two college girls make some noise in DC, and become two of America’s greatest straight allies–this is how you make change happen. Watch to the end!

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IMAGE: Homoerotic Military Art

For an institution that has persecuted queers and to this day refuses to allow gay men and lesbians to serve openly, the U.S. military has sure used some outrageously homoerotic art over the years.

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Is OutServe laying the groundwork for that fabled gay grassroots network?

A few weeks ago, nobody in America knew what OutServe was: the ‘underground network’ of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender active duty military professionals. It was about as visible as Molly Ringwald’s post-Pretty In Pink […]

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Military Surveyed Troops In 1940s, Prior To Racial Integration

Much like the recent survey sent out to 400,000 military service members to gauge their reaction to working with gay people, the military also sent one asking troops about working with African Americans. The questions […]

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Rachel Maddow’s “Voice Over Theater” Takes on DADT Training Comic Book

Rachel Maddow, everyone’s favorite lesbian news anchor, took the liberty of having her staff voice the recently uncovered Official Military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” comic book training guide. As Maddow points out, the policy made so much sense back in 2001 that the military needed to put it into comic book form so people could understand it. Keep in mind that in 2001, DADT was eight years old.

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SLDN Advises Against Service Members Completing Pentagon’s DADT Survey

Surveys are a funny thing.  If written properly, they are valuable research tools that can gauge attitudes, beliefs, and opinions on anything you want to know. However, when a survey is written in a way that […]

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London Pride 2010

London Pride 2010

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VIDEO – I Think We’re Alone Now – Military Style

As someone else commented when I saw this originally on Facebook: We don’t have to ask– we can already tell! Happy Pride Weekend to all!

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Dan Choi’s fast ends fast–but will it be back?

The fast ends fast for Lt. Dan Choi, but will he be be picking it back up again sooner than we think?

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Mike Rogers Outs Mark Kirk… or Does He?

Are a couple college same-sex hook-ups enough evidence to call a man in his 50s gay? Mike Rogers seems to think so, but what do you think?

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