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FOF #2575 – Drag Race All-Stars 3: Sad Violins & Spilled Milk

It’s not easy being sent home when your hopes are set on on snatching the crown- Thorgy Thor said “Ew, Jesus gross” while Milk cried over the spillage of being sent home.

Today “Mother Has Arrived” Vivacious joins us to take a look at how high the emotions run when drag queens sashay away before getting a chance to show everything they have.

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Cooking with Drag Queens – Artisanal Toast w/ Milk & Kelly Mantle

Artisanal toast is right now one of hottest food trends in San Francisco. Some people going as far to say it’s ruining the city, because you now have restaurants charging 20 dollars and up for a toasted slice of bread with some fancy toppings.

Check out as Milk & Kelly Mantle join us in the kitchen to make some tasty toasted snacks.

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FOF #1973 – Tea with Milk & Kelly Mantle

As much as we love RuPaul’s Drag Race, too often some good queens go home too soon. Thankfully they have the rest of their lives to show us what they got, and their first stop is here at Feast of Fun.

Today we’re udderly delighted to spill the tea with two of the most interesting and certainly tallest drag queens from Season Six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Kelly Mantle and Milk!

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Ask Kelly Mantle & Milk Anything!

We’re thrilled to have the udderly delicious Milk the Drag Queen and Mickey Mantle’s hilarious drag queen nephew, Kelly Mantle. ABOUT MILK: MILK the Drag Queen is the fever dream creation of championship ice skater […]

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FOF #1456 – Vote for Feast of Fun

We’re delighted tobe nominated for the fifth year in a row for two People’s Choice Podcast Awards, in the GLBT category and in the top spot of People’s Choice.

Will this the year Feast of Fun finally wins the top prize of People’s Choice or will iTunes favorite gay podcast be forever doomed to be the Susan Lucci of the Podcast Awards?

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Happy Harvey Milk Day

Today is May 22, which was voted in by the good people of California as Harvey Milk Day to celebrate the iconic gay civil rights leader Harvey Milk. Milk was one of the country’s first […]

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FOF #939 – Cleve Jones Dances with Madonna

You saw him at the Oscars, now on today’s show we have longtime gay rights activist Cleve Jones talking about what it was like to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards, dance with […]

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FOF #817 – Dog Clone Lady

Some guys just know how to take a good photo. As I was walking around Market Days this weekend, I asked a hunk in his swimming trunks to pose for me and usually most hunks […]

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