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FOF #1391 – I Survived Gay Pride in Russia

The European Council on Human Rights may have ruled that the Russian people have a right to hold a Pride Parade, but that didn’t stop the authorities in Moscow from banning it anyway.

Today, Andy Thayer joins us fresh from his return from Russia (with love) to share his amazing story of participating in the Pride Parade and what it was like to face down hunky but violent Russian police officers and fascists.

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Moscow Pride 2011: a Response to the Obama Administration’s Statement

by Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network (Chicago), participant in Moscow Pride 2011 The first and most important thing that needs to be said is that we are very fortunate that no Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and […]

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Video of Today’s Moscow Pride 2011

There was much, much more media besides. Moscow police collude with neo-Nazis Mayor favoured neo-Nazis with protest permit 18 gay campaigners arrested at Kremlin and City Hall Moscow – 28 May 2011 – 10pm Moscow […]

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Moscow Gays to Defy Police & Neo-Nazi Threats

They risk arrest and violent attack From a press release:  Moscow – May 27, 2011 Moscow Gay Pride Parade 2011 1 PM, Saturday, May 28, The Kremlin, at the gates to the Tomb of the […]

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GayRussia Leader Walks Off the Set of Live National TV Show

GayRussia leader Nikolai Alekseev walked off the set of a national TV debate show this afternoon after accusing the moderator, Vladimir Solovyev, of slanting the show towards homophobes. The show has been described to me […]

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In Russia to Support Moscow Pride

Yesterday I landed at Domodedovo airport to participate in the “illegal” Moscow Pride, banned by the Russian authorities, but nonetheless going forward under the leadership of GayRussia at 12 noon this Saturday, May 28. Despite […]

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Leading Russian Gay Activist Arrested/Disappeared

Leading Russian gay activist and former Feast of Fun guest Nikolai Aleksyev was arrested and “disappeared” by Russian police yesterday as he attempted to travel abroad out of one of Moscow’s airports. Under Russian law, […]

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Russian Gays’ Courage Contrasts With the Shame of Western Embassies

MOSCOW, Russia, May 28th, eve of Gay Pride – This afternoon in their final court date before Moscow Pride, gays and lesbians here predictably were rejected once again by the authorities. The Tverskoi District Court […]

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Moscow Gay Pride Launched with News Conference Denouncing Mayor’s 5th Ban of the Event

Russian gay leader vows, “Whatever the courts decide, the right to protest is guaranteed under the Russian constitution and we intend to exercise our rights.” U.S. gay activist Andy Thayer says “this Saturday, this gay […]

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