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VIDEO: Cher – Take It Like A Man 7th Heaven Remix

Cher finally gives us what we want-  a bunch of hot naked men who can take it like a man. This could possibly be the gayest video ever.     ▶ Cher – Take It […]

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VIDEO: Tom Goss Gets Wet and Wild in “Bears”

Slip and slides, hunky bears and Tom Goss in a swimsuit. What’s not to love?

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VIDEO: Jill Sobule Helps Zack Rosen Kiss a Boy and Sing About It

ill Sobule has been kissing girls since before Katy Perry was even allowed to use cherry Chapstick.

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Hot Queer Song Alert – Nicole Reynolds, “Like the Ocean.”

Far from a dirty word, “lesbian folk music” is a term that has the power to pique my interest and make me run to check out the woman holding the title. While the stalwarts like Amy Ray and Jill Sobule are still around doing great work, a new generation has emerged to carry the torch. To the likes of Chris Pureka and An Horse comes Nicole Reynolds.

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The band OK Go always comes up with great videos: treadmills, dogs, marching bands and rube goldberg machines are just a few that come to mind. Earlier this year they said that they were going […]

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Indigo Girl Amy Ray Debuts New Song on TNG TV

Lesbian legend Amy Ray took a break at her recent solo tour to play a brand new song, Little Revolutions, for The New Gay.

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VIDEO: The Accidental Hipster Song

A song about a guy who didn’t realize he was sliding down the slippery slope of hipsterism.

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VIDEO: The Muppets: Pöpcørn

The Sweedish Chef takes on the Jean-Michel Jarre classic: Popcorn! I love this song… and now I’m hungry!

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VIDEO: Fanning the Flames

A NSFW-ish music video from Japan (some nudity from behind), that isn’t particularly sexy, but is pretty funny.  The ping pong balls were unexpected.

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OK Go Does It Again With Latest Video – End Love

The band OK Go, originally from Chicago, likes to push the limits with their music videos. First they used treadmills, then a marching band, followed by a Rube Goldberg machine….well now they’ve done it again […]

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