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Klingon Boobies – What the Trek? #9

The 1968 episode of Star Trek’s “Plato’s Stepchildren” features a groundbreaking moment as television’s first scripted interracial kiss. Since then, every Star Trek series has tried to live up to the original series’ legacy of diversity, especially when it comes to sex and romance.

What the Trek? Welcome to the podcast where we fabulously explore all the strange new episodes from the TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

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FOF #2454 – Umlauts Arë Nïpples för Vöwëls

Our friend Amanda Cohen feels comedians are having a hard time dealing with the current political situation because this administration is already such a joke it’s hard to find a new twist to the humor.

But hey, if we can’t joke about politics, you can always laugh about silly umlauts or their gross sounding doppelgangers diaereses

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FOF #1668 – The Desperation of Ann Romney

Queens love a woman on the edge, so drag queen Mimi Imfurst made a video of Ann Romney losing her shit, Chris Crocker style, and it’s gone viral. Today, Mimi Imfurst joins us to talk about why Ann Romney is a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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My Head Just Exploded

Best Halloween costume ever?

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VIDEO: Thanks Giving Nipples – Disturbing????

Um… think their straight… but hunky bodies and bouncing male breasts and singing nipples. I have nothing but the best of intentions to bring you quality stuff like this.

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