FOF #2454 – Umlauts Arë Nïpples för Vöwëls

Feb 23, 2017 · 1985 views

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Our friend Amanda Cohen feels comedians are having a hard time dealing with the current political situation because this administration is already such a joke it’s hard to find a new twist to the humor.

But hey, if we can’t joke about politics, you can always laugh about silly umlauts or their gross sounding doppelgangers diaereses


  1. Boy I could listen to Amanda put Fausto in his place for hours.

    Fausto going on about Unions being the reason for the anti-abortion movement was mind-mindbogglingly frustrating to listen to. He could tell that Amanda was annoyed by the ridiculous theory, but Fausto had to go ahead and make his pointless point anyways. It’s a good thing I was at the gym when listening to this, on an elliptical, were I could vent my frustrations with Fausto’s ridiculousness to push harder on my workout.

    • A wedge issue is a personal issue that’s turned into a political platform because it allows crooked politicians to get elected. These are issues like marriage equality, living wages, women’s access to healthcare, etc.

      Women’s healthcare is a very intense issue for people, and that’s why these conservatives like to use it as a distraction. Women’s healthcare, like everyone’s healthcare matters. We all need and deserve access to it.

      These greedy politicians use these wedge issues to get people to vote against their interests. They get elected and bust unions, keep taxes low for the wealthy and wages low for everyone else. They prey on people’s ignorance to pass other laws that hurt them financially.

      When women have access to healthcare and have control over their bodies, we all win.

      My friend Peggy Dobbins, a very intelligent, social justice activist who has spent her entire life fighting for women’s rights and labor rights explained the issue to me, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

      Maybe I’m not explaining myself properly, but that’s the central idea. If you’re having problems hearing it from me, ask other women involved in organizing for women’s health and labor, and continue the conversation with them.

      If conservatives want to keep the numbers of abortions low, they would pass universal healthcare, and make sure women had access to contraceptives and abortions.

  2. John says:

    agreed ^^^^
    It’s nice to see SOMEONE call out Fausto on his bullshit.

  3. Why’s everyone climbing on Fausto? I liked this episode and enjoyed both perspectives. Amanda has unique insight that we don’t often hear from the volunteer work she does with Women’s Health Centers. But Fausto is also correct on the wedge issue points. The GOP has done nothing but Fund Raise off of Abortion since Roe Vs Wade. And plan to do nothing but fund raise off of it. They don’t care about Women’s Choice for the most part they care about keeping their job, their healthcare, their lobbyists ‘gifts’ and their Government Pension.

    • Thanks Paul– Some of these commenters have said in the past that we’re spreading lies about Trump! Others are masking their identity or posting multiple comments pretending to be different people. Personal attacks against anyone (including myself) will not be tolerated and will be banned.

      I’m very happy to have a conversation with supporters of the show, but I’m not willing to take abusive comments.

      On another note–
      Considering Facebook and Twitter are now shutting down accounts and accepting advertising for gay torture (ex-gay ministries) it’s time to look at bringing back the forums again so that all of us can have a conversation in the same place.

      But I’m cautious about doing it since the last time our forums were active they turned abusive and a headache to moderate.

      Please to everyone, NO personal attacks on the hosts or guests. If you disagree, let’s talk about that, but telling me or anyone who takes a lot of effort to make this podcast happen that we’re morons or need to shut the f*** up is just someone trying to silence us, and shut down this show.

  4. colaboy29 says:

    When is Fausto going to learn to pronounce “sadomasochism” properly?

    • Thanks for pointing it out. It’s Say-Do-Masochism not SAD-oh-Masochism, right?

      It’s Liza with a “Z” not Lisa with an “S” cause Lisa with an “S” goes snoz Its Z instead of S, Li instead of Lee it’s simple as could be see Liza!

  5. Myamoto 2.0 says:

    I can’t believe Feast of Fun needs a safe space, why did you delete my comment? suppressing a little light criticism arent’cha?… way to take in listener’s feedback… pfff

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