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FOF #2529 – Is This Goodbye?

Chicago has long been the place people come to make something of themselves before moving elsewhere- students, immigrants, and artists all come to the Windy City to work on their craft and when they are ready, they move on, just like Oprah.

Joining us today is comedian Eric Clements to talk about the uproar a “Chicago breakup letter” is causing and why folks are eagerly rushing to defend the city.

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PHOTO: Woman climbs shirtless on top of altar at Germany’s largest cathedral on Christmas morning.

Atta girl. Fun fact: The altar had to be reblessed by the bishop after her protest. —source

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FOF #1660 – The Dark Sweat Rises

After getting up from a grueling set of bench presses at the gym, Marc noticed the sweat stains on by back looked like the Bat-signal. The dark sweat rises. You know who is really sweating it this week? Mitt Romney.

Listen as we take a look at Mitt Romney’s darkest hour. Why even Republicans have had it with him and what it means for the next election. Are Romney’s ridiculous statements just a strategy to get people not to vote?

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Enrique Iglesias Kept His Promise to Water Ski Naked. Or Did He?

You may remember that back in early July, Enrique Iglesias told the BBC that he would water ski naked if Spain won the 2010 World Cup. Well, they won, and he has alledgedly kept his promise. […]

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Naked Pumpkin Run

Did you miss the Naked Pumpkin Run? The sexy and zany annual Halloween tradition in Boulder, Colorado is about to be shut down by the cops because they’re cracking down on “indecent exposure” during Halloween. […]

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