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Son of Homophobic Father Comes Out

Remember that scientist who was booted from the project to clean up with BP oil spill in the Gulf this past summer because of his homophobic essay? Well, guess what? His son, who recently graduated […]

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VIDEO: The Schoolhouse Rock Bill Is Pi$$ed Off at BP

“Whoa! I wonder who that super pissed-off, angry scrap of paper is.” Don’t worry small child, he’s just a bill.

Lady Gaga Joins BP Boycott

Remember the days when we didn’t have a dirty, oil soaked Gulf coast? Unless you’ve been living under an oil covered rock the last two and a half months, you may have missed that we […]

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VIDEO: BP Spills Coffee

Here we thought BP was only good at spilling oil, take a look what happens when they spill coffee in the board room!

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BP Should Follow Their Own Policy


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