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FOF #1350 – Seriously Gay

Some people just don’t know how to take a joke- maybe they’ve had a rough life or their current situation is bad, but not being able to find the funny side of life can actually make things worse.

Today we’re joined by Chicago comedians Seth Dodson and Kellen Alexander to explore why we find it so hard to laugh at ourselves, especially about our sex lives.

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Outserve Launches Magazine for Gays in the Military

OutServe, the underground network of over 2,900 LGBT military personnel will launch a magazine for gay military members in May 2011.

The magazine contains features about DADT repeal implementation and OutServe chapters, as well as other information of interest to currently-serving LGBT military members.

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Is OutServe laying the groundwork for that fabled gay grassroots network?

A few weeks ago, nobody in America knew what OutServe was: the ‘underground network’ of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender active duty military professionals. It was about as visible as Molly Ringwald’s post-Pretty In Pink […]

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