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World’s most expensive tea comes from panda poo

First it was the Civets turning their poo into coffee, but now it’s the Panda’s turn. Apparently Panda’s don’t do a very good job of digesting food, in fact only absorbing about 30% of what […]

My Bloody Valentine

It’s not as nice as Rei’s, but for some people, nothing says love like a black velvet painting of a panda eating a unicorn. My original painting already sold on Etsy, but if any of […]

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When Did All Pandas Go Gay?

My newsreader picked the panda thumbnail for this article on the controversy surrounding the “.gay” domain. When did pandas go gay? Maybe this did it-

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VIDEO: Panda is Katy Perry – Circle the Drain

Michael Lehet lip synchs to Katy Perry’s “Circle the Drain.”

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VIDEO: Pandas Do “A Rainy Night in Rio”

Our Panda Dance take on the Bobby Goldsboro & the Lennon Sisters version of “A Rainy Night in Rio.”

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VIDEO: Pandas Are Cute But Mean as Hell

This is a really funny Egyptian commercial.

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VIDEO: Never Say No to Panda

Pandas are not to be messed with.

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Listen up y’all, cause this is it. The video I’m posting is delicious. Day four of Panda Week 2008 continues with my own take on Fergie’s hit song “Fergalicious.” Why? Because every song is improved […]

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Panda is Not My Name

Because two panda videos aren’t enough, here are three to make it even more special. Michael Lehet does his fiercest take on The Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name.” Pretty much every lip syncing video […]

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